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11/2/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Where does feeling for abundance fit in?
– Worried I won’t get what I want if I let go of specifics.
– Abraham’s perspective of the human brain.
– Is it my Vortex or Inner Being attracting?
– Looking at things differently, more gently?
– Allowing vs. actively trying for better feeling thoughts?
– How to get what we want, especially when it involves others?
– How to manifest happily-ever-after with a person?
– The relationship I want feels close!
– I know I can attract the smaller roles, but how can I let in the bigger roles?
– Big thinkers/big questions/big answers?
– How to recognize what I’m doing to block my happiness?
– A specific scent experience during mediation?
– Want a relationship, but I am holding onto resistance.
– Feeling discouraged. How to have gentle focus?
– I’m noticing a painful tightening when I observe unwanted.
– Really want to let go of what people think of me.
– Lots of jobs available, but not in my field.
– Can I transition easily out of my marriage?
– How to know when I’m in inspired action?
– The frequency of a question vs. frequency of the answer.
– Quick fix for when I stray from who I really am?
– Mother-in-law health issue is difficult for my marriage.
– My work causes me anxiety.
– I’m afraid to dream big.
– Is prayer beneficial to others?