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8/7/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Back-to-back incidents helped me realize I was eliciting behaviors from others.
– I keep leaving relationships because we don’t want the same things.
– Can we positively expect ease?
– I seem to always attract people who want help.
– I learned to pretend to be happy, now I want to be Inner-Being happy.
– Don’t want to attract aggressive neighbor next time.
– I’ve gotten myself in a cycle of negative expectations with my complaining husband.
– I feel like the deck is stacked in my favor.
– Abraham, is our Inner Being is insensitive?
– Can’t motivate myself to work.
– Pick the mood first and calibrate to that.
– I’m 72 and feel my clock is ticking.
– How to expand my capacity to receive instead of staying stuck in my comfort zone?
– More about the attraction-based universe.
– Tools for sensitive teens?
– Why do I cry?
– I’m worried about the human condition.
– Any benefit to pushing back?
– Is deliberate creation really that fast?