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5/26/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– I feel like I’m on the brink of something…
– Are there unique energy vortexes around the planet?
– Am I being negative or is it my intuition?
– I want to trust in my ability to evoke wanted from anywhere in the Universe.
– Paradigm shift and human understanding?
– The difference between knowing and expectation
– An unexpected gift from my recently transitioned father.
– Best way to implement processes and/or daily routine?
– How to teach athletes without using Abraham terminology?
– How to focus on a specific set of actions?
– Still want to manifest my dream home.
– Friction and meeting with resistance.
– I believe lying is the best way to control the situation to my favor.
– What is the best-case scenario for a human?
– I’m stuck in life - need ideas and clarity.
– I have guilt about taking time off and having fun.
– How do I know when I’m working too hard?
– If I’m really happy – is there only one match for me?
– How do you make peace with yourself?
– Should I lead by example or try to teach my grandchildren?
– I feel like I’m dragging a burden around.
– How can I change my idea about upsetting events?