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7/17/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

— I had nothing to give or receive in my defensiveness.
— I manifest, but then it disappears.
— How to identify and practice the perspective of Source?
— What will happen if I calibrate to my Inner Being while focused on remodel.
— Emotions as key diagnostic tools?
— How to relax into the new/unknown?
— Does it matter where you are on the Emotional Guidance Scale when you are launching rockets of desire?
— What does it mean when we are distracted?
— Help me to understand my anxiety-filled dreams?
— Why do I feel like I broke my soul?
— When a husband and wife have opposing views about the Law of Attraction.
— Better to chase, strive, and push – or let it come to me?
— I want to get well.
— I want to be a good listener.
— My animal/best friend died.
— Why does Abraham offer so many words?
— How can I tune to my higher self?
— How do you know when to walk away or when to stay?
— Does the group of beings who speaks through Esther change over time?
— Love my work, but want to reach higher levels.
— Would like to expand my business, but it feels like it’s too slow.
— Contrast makes me think I’m bi-polar.
— I’m married to a narcissist.
— I’m 60 years old and no way to retire.
— Is there a process to purge resistance?
— I would like to purely focus on my life and not push against others.
— Where is my Inner Being when I cry?
— How to help my daughter with anxiety?
— Rampage of love.