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5/15/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

— Have I been trying to manipulate others?
— Young daughter struggles with confidence.
— How best to train pets/kids/adults?
— Best quote to hang on my wall?
— Moving toward what I want vs. leaving behind what I don’t want?
— Which small path should I follow?
— I want to feel happy not jealous when I see others moving toward their goals.
— I cannot visually imagine my Vortex.
— I feel guilty for not feeding the cats.
— Does the past still exist?
— Am I doing the right thing helping someone who takes medicine for seizures?
— Does my medicine restrict my access to Source?
— I love peace, but have rowdy neighbors.
— I sense my mate is ready to move on.
— How to raise my vibration before conversations?
— I didn’t get my dream job.
— How to step into happiness?
— Feel like something awesome is about to happen for me, but I feel stuck.
— Why can’t I let go?
— A way for me to be in the receptive mode more often?
— Relationship between karma and the Law of Attraction?
— Perception and the noise culprit.