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3/15/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– I want to be a more impactful, inspiring teacher.
– I feel overwhelmed with life. (Using the Placemat Process).
– Stress/Sleep problems.
– Need help letting go from my religious/conservative family.
– After leaving a relationship, how to trust the deactivation process?
– Evidence of our fortune?
– How can I focus on wonder and awe through artwork?
– Is it beneficial to look for things to deactivate while on upper half of the Emotional Scale?
– How can I enjoy food more?
– Do our animals make soul contracts?
– Often while meditating, I stop breathing.
– I have a channel of energy going through me that feels disruptive.
– How does the infinite pie work when there are finite number of hours?
– Felt my friend with me at his memorial service.
– Is there continued learning after we croak?
– Marketing and my point of attraction?
– How to regain my smell and taste after Covid?
– How to deal with waves of loss after my child moved out?
– To tithe or not to tithe?
– Why don’t we remember what our Inner Being knows?
– Can I ask my Inner Being to guide me to evidence contrary to my belief?
– How do we experience someone we have known in the afterlife?
– What to do when someone is deliberately trying to undermine you?
– Anything more we can do to tune in vibrationally?
– Sad enough to make sad people happy?
– Enjoying the process along the way?
– Satisfaction – is it the only thing we really need?
– One sentence to repeat to allow well-being?
– War: How can I help?