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12/13/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Am I expendable?
– Why isn’t anything working out?
– Feeling great first and then?
– Does my Inner Being know exactly what I want?
– How to move on from something negative?
– Difference between purposefully “awareness-ing”?
– Anxiety makes it difficult for me to create what I want.
– I can’t stop focusing on lack.
– I manifest, but then feel afraid I will lose it.
– Had dreams about the house I want.
– How to regain a sense of self?
– Did I attract my flirtatious mate because I have insecurities?
– How to know when you are following your own Inner Being or focusing on another?
– I attract co-dependency and addiction in my partners.
– Clarity in knowing my question.
– What does it mean when someone doesn’t love you back?
– Can talking about the past/childhood slow us down?
– The power of influence within our gaze?
– How to get back to a better feeling?
– How does it feel to be in Step 5?
– The advantage of being honest?
– Message from my departed mother.
– Are images we receive from our imagination from our Vortex?
– Loving and appreciating myself has helped me love and appreciate others.
– Setting boundaries for our children?
– The power of influence – am I delusional or can I get my mate back?
– Is it possible to receive what I want now that I’m out of the relationship?
– Does quantum entanglement play a major role in the Law of Attraction?
– Breathing issues since I was a child.
– I want to remember my natural eternal well-being and love.
– Can Abraham feel when we are in a state of joy or not?
– Want to be a better runner/athlete.
– Lost the joy of writing.
– Making peace with desires instead of “doing” things.
– Make feeling good a priority?
– Choosing to feel good rather than choosing to be right.
– Playful take on feeling overwhelmed.
– Law of Attraction accommodating our next logical step?
– Estranged from my children and want to reconnect with them.
– I’m feeling lack of freedom at work.
– Why is the gestation period necessary in my reality?
– In chaos are we more removed from our Source?
– Is the animal I helped coming back to me?