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2/22/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– How to be sensitive to others when I’m thriving?
– Tapping into the love within?
– What does it mean to be ready to be ready?
– My son pulls me out of my peaceful mode really easily.
– Fine tuning my vibration to attract the perfect relationship?
– Does the end justify the means?
– A rampage of appreciation for human beings and the wonder of life.
– Why does being alone feel so good?
– How to get the sleep I want and need?
– Are we always trying too hard?
– Savoring experiences to create new ones?
– Observing world events.
– Family member is struggling with the concept of life after death.
– Are certain foods detrimental?
– How will I create a positive outcome when I cannot maintain my vibration?
– Clarification on “cashing in your vibrational chips”?
– How can I find a better vision of the future?
– Is trust and patience everything we need?
– I want to keep basking in my “vision”.
– Tips for apartment hunting to check all the boxes?
– The contrast is more painful now.
– My money situation is unchanged.