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4/26/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

— How to leverage visualization for manifesting?
— How to prioritize and be less action-oriented?
— Choosing easy things for my side of the placemat.
— How does Abraham see sports? (What to focus on to have the most fun?)
— Should we focus on resonance?
— Tips for visualizing the stream of well-being?
— How to approach a new health issue?
— Can I access my vortex if I’m on the spectrum?
— In alignment and then I forget the teachings.
— Are certain number combinations messages?
— What else can we do to bring more prosperity/abundance?
— Making lists or letting Law of— Attraction to do the work?
— Don’t know which impulse to follow.
— Need releasing from deceased father.
— Vibrational advertising?
— I’m not sure how to NOT think about the problem.
— Using our senses to recognize matches?
— Help me to find a path to matching game.
— Shifting from striving to enjoying?
— Are negative thoughts coming to get us?
— What is it that makes this the leading-edge?
— Navigating changes?
— How to believe in myself?
— Why am I match to Abraham when others are not?
— How do I live in a physical world in a vibrational way?
— Enjoying life and a new perspective!