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3/26/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Why does Abraham often pick the same questioner?
– I’m having issues attracting money and don’t want to depend on my mother.
– My relationship wasn’t perfect, but I did not see the breakup coming.
– My ex loves another and it’s causing me pain.
– Why can some people tell our future?
– Am I meant to be a famous artist?
– How do I not feel the pain of my aging mother?
– I have a vision we are all living in harmony and peace.
– Process for focusing attention before I sleep for helpful dreams?
– Daydreaming vs. now thinking?
– Is it enough to just identify we are on the lower half of the Emotional Scale?
– What is the difference between choosing a positive thought and repressing a negative thought?
– Can ignoring upsetting emotions be detrimental?
– Just feel better in the moment – is this secret of life?
– My cat is bringing me things I’d rather not see.
– Clean up our vibration and then go forward or just go forward?
– How can I survive the trauma I’ve experienced and create a life that I love?
– Recent rejection trigged feelings of fear and unworthiness.
– A message from my recently departed cat?
– Would like to use my Creation Box more effectively.
– The idea of a “What does my Inner Being Think About This” box.
– Our thoughts and how they manifest in our body?
– Abraham, how am I doing?
– How to not be affected by our parental opinions and vibrations?
– What’s it like to be loved and love on a deeper level?
– Feeling stuck as I’m going through my divorce.
– Do manifestations speed up as we are in more alignment?
– I have a traffic phobia.
– My boss thinks I’m in an idiot.
– How to keep positive when your partner hurts your feelings?
– Singer seeks practice tips from Abraham.
– A dream of balanced fullness.