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11/13/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Want to feel ok charging for my time.
– Can I trust the signs my nonphysical mother is communicating with me?
– Emotional Scale discussion.
– Mother with Alzheimer’s – want to see her through the eyes of love.
– Does every person have an Inner Being?
– Infinite replenishment?
– Access to all languages?
– The definition of processing your emotions.
– How to focus on a goal regardless of current reality?
– Can those suffering from mental health issues choose different thoughts?
– Looking for encouragement.
– Rampage about the wonders of our body.
– I thought I’d feel more excited when I achieved my desires.
– Why do some experience extreme contrast?
– My partner and I have different relationship wants.
– I can’t seem to get rid of clutter.
– Joy is just a thought away.
– Navigating tricky family holiday gatherings.
– Dating someone with a gambling problem.
– I wish I lived in another city.
– Dating advice from Abraham.
– My temper takes over.
– Staying in the moment and daydreaming.
– Does Source intervene?
– How to bring people together?
– Can a desire exist without the possibility of the manifestation of it?
– Rampage of appreciation for our planet.