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11/21/2020 Abraham NOW Replay

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— Well-meaning friends giving parenting advice.
— I regret things I have done and not done.
— I have grand intentions, but find myself in my old negative place.
— Lost six months of work – need soothing.
— Decision-making and getting into the vortex.
— Trading decisions and the Emotional Scale.
— My husband focuses on parts of me he doesn’t like.
— Is appreciation both a technique for raising vibration and an emotion itself?
— Would like to find ways of communicating with my inner being.
— Father is ready to make his transition, but has concerns.
— No one has the power to plant something in your mind.
— Moving up the Emotional Scale regarding the pandemic.
— Need advice on reaching out to estranged daughter.
— Work dynamic with a radio silent boss.
— Advice on the topics of rushing and time-shortage?
— I aspire to be like Jesus.
— What can I do to allow the well-paying job?
— Are all humans on the leading edge?
— What’s going on with my body?
— Lack of harmony and the lies of another.
— Will I meet my joyful dog when I become non-physical?
— When we reemerge into non-physical, are there opportunities for expansion?
— Give yourself a break. Let life come to you.
— Own where you are - instead of pretending you are somewhere you’re not.
— Issues with misbehaving cats.
— Is there anything we want which is impossible?