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1/8/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– I’ve created a beautiful job, but not financial prosperity.
– How to stop emotions of past trauma and regret?
– Difference between healing illness and attracting well-being?
– Daydreamer manifests auditions, but then nothing.
– Is it a waste to “match” people in lower vibrations?
– How can I take the blessings I receive and prosper?
– I want to change my career, but don’t know which direction to go.
– The best way to focus on questions we don’t have the answer for.
– I feel guilt for ruining my last relationship.
– How to stay in alignment after the audition?
– I’m having more career success, but experiencing body aches and pains.
– How to want something less?
– How does the planet want me to live on it?
– I want to choose my focus deliberately. How do I stick with it all year?
– My child wants to live as another gender.
– Processing my emotions in real time vs. deeper exploration?
– Tug of war in my life – allowing vs resisting?
– Magnitude of attraction when we drop to the lower part of the Emotional Guidance Scale?
– Understanding knee-jerk “needy” responses to others.
– I have a difficult and verbally abusive husband.
– Dealing with construction – worried they will block my sun.
– How to deal with concerns about construction near me?
– Want to create a book, but I feel stuck in mud.
– How do I know how I’m trending?
– Focusing on my desire vs. the focus on lack?
– Is my skin condition a result of my attitude?
– Is it harder to get into the Vortex as we get older?
– Could my Inner Being guide me to something that could be trouble for me?
– How do I manage a variety of inputs?
– How are all relationships eternal?
– Looking to achieve weight loss and increase my energy.
– I have so much practice with negative thinking – what next?
– What is stopping me from following my Inner Being?
– Is my awareness of my trending towards blame helpful?