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6/19/2021 Abraham NOW

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– Does everyone have the ability to heal mental illness?
– I am content - will it be enough to let all the things I want in?
– Want to be consciously involved in my life, but that knocks me off my balance.
– I want to switch off my brain and let go of working so hard.
– How much do others’ thoughts affect our life experience?
– After two years, my business that I love isn’t growing.
– My busy life feels like a tug of war between parenting and my career.
– How does choosing your path of least resistance never mean compromising your freedom?
– A non-resistant childhood experience?
– I keep my knowledge to myself.
– Is University admission also a vibrational work?
– Father transitioned to non-physical and mother is now struggling.
– What is happening when an area of the brain lights up on a brain scan?
– My emotions are only about my relationship to my desires?
– Are their compromises in the Vortex?
– Feel stuck on physical and financial issues.
– I want to be a top producer in my company, but I’m burned out.
– I want to understand co-creation and influence.