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3/22/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Showing my private self vs. my public self.
– How to let go of resentment and attract the right person?
– I have a crush - What to focus on to get into alignment?
– I’ve been attracting people telling me I’m wrong, including myself.
– Do I have to put anything on my side of the placemat list?
– We were able to uncouple lovingly.
– How can I be in alignment when asking students to change behavior?
– Clearing resistance to things up close to me?
– Inner Beings and their relationship with feelings.
– Does Jesus have a message for me?
– I want to calibrate to my Inner Being.
– How much time we can we spend outside of the vortex?
– Do we need to be constantly thinking about our desires?
– I don’t want to have my son tested.
– How to delegate instead of doing everything myself?
– I wasn’t taught to value friendships and now I’m lonely.
– What relationships are eternal?
– I’m noticing time-gaps with my manifestations.
– How to reconcile what you thought would happen vs. reality?
– Pushing work away with my current job?
– How can I feel good when what I’ve got isn’t what I want?
– The work of finding a mate.
– How to stop caring how others see me?
– Had a moment where I felt like I was blended with my Inner Being.