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2/6/2021 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— Can every desire be quickly manifested?
— Does the universe understand when I’m watching a movie for entertainment?
— More clarity on the difference between gratitude and appreciation.
— Am I missing out by not being part of the live sessions?
— Any tips about keeping receiving mode open?
— I often feel the flow, but don’t know how I get pinched off.
— I always put people on a pedestal and then feel disappointed.
— What’s the result of a “slip up” or bad day?
— I have a wonderful relationship with my wife, but not with money.
— I wish there was a way to check the tracking number on the stuff in my vortex.
— No one gets to decide for you what feels better for you – only you.
— How does one decide if a vaccine is safe?
— How does science support the Law of Attraction?
— How do I bring out the best in a new puppy?
— Second-guessing my trip with friends.
— Doing things to please others or because you are called to it?
— How do we teach children the Emotional Guidance Scale?
— Not sure if I want to stay with my husband.
— Sometimes I feel like maybe I’m too relaxed about my desires.
— Do we wipe the slate clean when we die?
— My girlfriend dumped me.
— My teen son needs guidance.
— In a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to get married.
— Are you aware of us even when we don’t submit a question?
— I felt like I was living my life on defense…