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11/30/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– My loneliness has so much control over me.
– How to specifically find the feeling place?
– Could my dizziness be evidence of something going right?
– I’m not used to honoring my own desires.
– Looking for more communication with my Inner Being/non-physical.
– Is it ok to be sure about something without any evidence?
– Abraham, Can you explain the conception of forgetfulness?
– I would like to increase moments of being in touch with Source Energy.
– I mostly feel good, but still experience physical pain every few months.
– I have deep love for my partner, but other conditions are holding us apart.
– Did I make the right relocation decision?
– I become so self-conscious when I enter a room of people.
– I have extreme anxiety.
– Having difficulty getting that passion and hopefulness back.
– Do I sell or not sell my businesses?
– How to stay more in the allowing mode?
– What does it mean to be committed to a person, project or idea?
– Imagining things in our Vortex.
– What’s hindering me?
– I would like to communicate with my non-physical family members.
– I’m having difficulty in the world without my mother.
– Did my previous negative thoughts manifest as illness in my body?
– Asking for signs and wondering if there’s more?
– The feeling of possessiveness or jealousy feels yucky to me.