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10/4/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– How much Source am I now?
– Pure thoughts/vibrational match to what we want?
– Creating a desired vibrational atmosphere – how can we make the feeling last?
– Age assumptions and what we say to others about it.
– Don’t believe things will ever work out for me (so much evidence to the contrary).
– How can I break the cycle of debt?
– The value of thank you.
– Shifted and finally found love.
– Repetition, perception and behavior.
– Work hard/play hard?
– Co-creation and saying no.
– Torn making a decision so maybe I’m not ready to make it?
– Do we retain our individual consciousness when we cross over?
– Is it better to wait for a strong yes?
– How can I teach Abraham’s teachings?
– Tips for first time recording?
– How to feel better about missing my mom?
– Want to live and let go more like a cat.
– Want to regain my happiness/vitality.
– What do my meditation visions mean?
– Need advice on how to move the next level in my career?
– I don’t always know what I want for myself.
– How to release resistance/pain?
– Finances – want to tap into my abundance.