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11/15/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Did I influence the outcome after the cells left my body?
– How do I have more days where I’m in the receptive state?
– Why are we all more anxious now?
– Not sure what I’m looking for in a relationship.
– Words and thoughts to think in the middle of a contrasting situation?
– Replacing the word contrast?
– Is reality malleable?
– What to do after the 30 days of Positive Aspects?
– Why does my cat help me clean up my vibration?
– Abraham explains Laws of Deliberate Creation and Allowing.
– Do I attract it even if I don’t speak it?
– I have a lot of self-blame for creating financial problems.
– Helplessness causes me to shut down.
– Does it mean I’m not loving unconditionally if I choose not to be in contact with another?
– How much time per day to focus on positive campaign about my ex?
– Can things around us be “living” things?
– Resistance in accepting that we are creators of our reality/our worthiness.
– Examples of smaller bits of positive aspects?
– Can I surf my way to everything in my Vortex?
– Trying to make sense of my pregnancy struggles.
– What does it mean to be completely blended with our non-physical?
– What does it mean to be satisfied?
– How to navigate my new project and all my emotions around it?
– I can choose any thought.
– How can you have a negative response after a good day?
– How to help my daughter realize her power to fix medical situation?
– The benefit of awareness.