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8/16/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Financially things didn’t go as expected.
– Have everything but self-love to attract a partner.
– I know what my Inner Being would say, but can’t always feel it.
– I want to be more relaxed about my future goals.
– Want to shift from action to just allow financial flow.
– What am I seeing during meditation?
– I tried and finally found the best process for me.
– Negative vibration about my body that I’m afraid will manifest.
– I like to walk, focused on the beauty, but my legs are in pain.
– Difference between blended self and separate self?
– I don’t want to attract asking anyone for help.
– Pivoting vs. faking it until we make it.
– The vibrational equivalent of my coach catching me when I fall?
– Looking for the feeling of ease.
– I’m addicted to negative news. What to do to get unstuck?
– Abraham elaborates on writing lists of positive aspects.
– My victim mentality is larger than I thought.
– Moving on from medical trauma.
– Are my good thoughts coming from source energy or my deep belief system?
– Want to milk the theory of the power of our now.
– Want to see my non-physical pet where he is now.
– Is it true we have no regression?
– When we experience a lot of contrast, how do we get to the allowing mode?
– Want to create more adventures/sell my business.
– Vibrational interpretation – to believe it in order to see it?
– Clarity from chaos?
– Have some resistance around cash flow.
– Wanting to protect my son but I’m in doing it from a place of fear.