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9/5/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Releasing resistance vs. active marbles.
– My Inner Being, bag of marbles, and the freedom to choose.
– Words to help us distract?
– What are the steps to experiencing unconditional love?
– Getting out ahead of things.
– Vibrational advantage of what we learn?
– Relationship I want isn’t coming.
– Before my tennis match, what is a good segment intention?
– Doing a list of positive aspects about ME?
– I have been out of the Vortex for so long and now I feel empty.
– The value of our separateness and our connection?
– I try to improve on the Emotional Scale, but struggle with childhood memories.
– Feeling inspired, but I don’t feel like I’m creating or contributing anything.
– Writing phrases that to focus on throughout the day.
– Why do we as humans struggle to feel good?
– Are we all on the Leading Edge?
– Feeling satisfied to achieve manifestations?
– Should I just focus on alignment after illness?
– Acknowledging all of our Inner Beings.
– Why do some manifestations happen faster than others?
– How do you change your expectations in a relationship?
– How can we merge our bag of marbles with our Inner Being?
– I am in the middle of a divorce that I don’t want.
– I’m often stuck when it comes to taking next steps.
– Looking for some help bridging the gap.
– The benefits of being physical?