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ONLINE AUDIO Recordings from December 10, 2022 in Miami, FL

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Law of Attraction Workshop!

Miami, FL
December 10, 2022

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Topics Includes:

Session 1

1. Abraham-Hicks Publications 12/10/22
2. Miami workshop welcome.
3. You are an extension of Source Energy.
4. Holding a thought for 17 seconds.
5. Making feeling good a priority.
6. Meditation, appreciation, observation.
7. Emotion, expectation, manifestation.
8. Connecting the dots.
9. Ease, effort and “the gap”.
10. Be an advocate, not a protester.
11. Be real about how you feel.
12. Choosing from some options.
13. Advice for living with autism.

Session 2

1. Abraham-Hicks Publications 12/10/22
2. Spouse is ending the relationship.
3. What does same birthday mean?
4. It’s easier than your letting it be.
5. The laws of the Universe.
6. Past lives and coming in clusters.
7. How much of our lives do we plan?
8. No bagels for you!
9. Helping a friend in pain.
10. Automatic writing.
11. You wanted a fresh, new experience.
12. Asking the new question.
13. Common tripping points.
14. Feel as good as you can right now.

Session 3

1. Abraham-Hicks Publications 12/10/22
2. Changing money expectations.
3. Body issues have his attention.
4. Some final advice for him.
5. A rampage request fulfilled.
6. Is she too much in the present?
7. Some “why” questions.
8. Miami workshop close.