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7/31/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

— You didn’t sign on to this life experience to be a reactor.
— I pick up the feelings of other people.
— Struggling to get back to positive state of mind after watching the news.
— Do dogs recognize me from a past life?
— School stresses my son out.
— What is the vibrationally accurate language around the word community?
— If I didn’t get the job, was it not for me?
— I feel defensive.
— How to explain I’m single but happy.
— How to deal with the feeling of injustice?
— I feel like I don’t belong with my family.
— What does it mean to trust and surrender?
— Sometimes I don’t get what I ask for.
— How do you know if you’re in the Vortex?
— What if I can’t feel my emotions?
— Feeling good is an inside job.
— How can I keep trying without feeling defeated?
— Want to get the door open to wealth and freedom.
— Joining the chain of pain helps no one.
— Are our emotions reliable?
— Denied the job I wanted but then a better job came to me.
— How can we prepare for energy shift?