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10/20/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– How can our attitude change an environment?
– Will I be able to achieve my dream?
– How did I get sick in the midst of appreciation?
– Is boosting our mood with music considered a conditional thing?
– Are all physical declines and changes self-induced?
– Is there a more articulate/smarter version of me in my Vortex?
– When someone pushes my buttons there is something inside me I need to address?
– Bringing my beliefs with me.
– Is there an easy way to get happy if I’m mostly living on the bottom half of the Emotional Scale?
– What happens to my consciousness when I croak?
– Just “OK” is not where I want to be.
– I manifest abundance….in small amounts.
– Does mind/consciousness exist in non-physical?
– How do I stop manifesting unwanted physical beliefs?
– Is there a difference in quality of thoughts?
– Can I intend for my mother and help her with her medical problem?
– Why am I forgetting things?
– When to look for our Vortex content each day?
– What to do after first hint of negative emotion?
– I am invested in my son finishing high school.
– Serenity prayer question.
– I want to be a happier version of me.
– Fitting in?
– Reading inspirational written words to help move us to a high-flying state?
– How to be kind to my co-workers even when they don’t do their work?
– Does Abraham believe in speaking up?
– I don’t quite trust that I can manage my own experience.
– Finding the feeling place of what you want.
– Huge amount of success, but it seems to be on pause now.
– What’s the best thing I can focus on now?
– Music/Inner Being analogy.