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11/28/2020 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— Struggling with guilt and unworthiness.
— I feel more fragile as I age.
— Love yourself enough to let it in.
— How do you keep something you have manifested?
— Is the entire physical universe a projection based on our thoughts?
— After getting back into alignment, do we need to go back and apologize?
— On my list of desires, can I choose which things comes first?
— Are we tested by unpleasant things?
— Do I have any control over the amount of time I spend in my body?
— I feel stuck in a circle of meditation, feeling good, then reality.
— Taking stock of where we are in modern society where we are constantly checking devices?
— Could a single person focused on love to eradicate the virus?
— Is a well-balanced diet required?
— A little bit of negative emotion goes a long way.
— Things are working out for you.
— I feel frustration and despair due to the behavior of son who lives with me.
— Is there a turbo charged way to address split energy?
— My work partner elevates his view of his contributions over others.
— Knowing you have a guidance system puts you on the leading-edge of creating.