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Mediterranean 2013 - Momentum

What you'll get:

Access to "Mediterranean 2013 - Momentum" video on demand.

Topics include:

  • Your expectation equals your point of attraction
  • Sensitivity to your emotions is key to Deliberate Creation
  • Nonduality
  • Can you have desire to have no desire?
  • Understanding your point of attraction
  • What would it be like if everyone were aligned?
  • What new inventions are we in store for?
  • Will man ever be able to time-travel?
  • Wants to be doing what Abraham is doing
  • Money leverage
  • Is it okay to want a perfect partner?
  • Was he stupid to do experimental drug treatment?
  • How did he "see" where her wallet was?
  • The best way to release jealousy?
  • Abraham's two "waking up" explanations seem contradictory.
  • Are focus wheels about clogging old pipes?
  • The "deconstruction of thought" process.
  • The purpose of separation (amnesia)?
  • What is intuition?
  • Shouldn't awakened ones always be happy?
  • What if he can't leave low-vibration conversation?
  • How can psychiatric emergency worker best help?
  • How does he soothe angry, nasty people?... and many more.