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6/1/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– How can I best let go of past disappointments?
– Is three weeks enough time to manifest a mansion?
– I’ve reached the point of despair, do I quit?
– Learning to live with contrast?
– Can’t seem to allow my biggest dreams to manifest.
– Lost everything when our house burned.
– Catching negative thoughts early.
– Knowing vs. actually creating?
– How to get from where I am to a greater sense of knowing for long-term desires?
– Is Deja vu allowing our Vortex?
– Breaking up a legal relationship?
– Teacher helps others, but can’t achieve own goals.
– When I have a specific desire, I become unbalanced.
– What do my consistent dreams mean?
– Can’t seem to get past a break-up.
– How do we find our most authentic self within religion?
– Am I affected by collective consciousness?
– Finally figured out it’s about feeling good!
– Not being so hard on ourselves?
– Advice for me to inspire others?
– The perfect definition of relaxation.
– Overwhelmed after my break-up.
– Guidance to help granddaughter focus?
– Best advice for raising children?