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3/6/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

— Does your inner being always take you on the fastest route?
— Why does the realization of the power of my thoughts ease my sense of loneliness?
— How does Source see things?
— I often perceive others as getting in the way of my freedom.
— Tips stay on a higher disc more often?
— Tips for dealing with family?
— Intuition vs. negative emotion?
— Could the perfect partnership exist?
— How do I handle fatalistic thoughts?
— Is it a good or bad idea to have a plan B?
— What if our greatest wishes aren’t material ones?
— During meditation I have visions of my future life.
— Messages from non-physical pets?
— Perceptual changes when in alignment?
— Can’t avoid the vaccine conversation with my friends.
— Abraham’s definition of deserving.
— Symbolism of Abraham-Hicks tree.
— Questioning my relationship with my racehorses.
— I’m wondering what it’s like to be in a loving relationship.
— Feel like I’m not being called to anything.
— Does having a relationship with someone departed hinder our current relationship?
— How do I know if this person is right for me?
— Don’t feel like dealing with my clutter.
— Getting signs from my past relationship?
— Does every bird caught by a cat have an agreement with the cat?