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4/30/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– I felt inspired and expressed gratitude, but things didn’t turn out the way I thought.
– Feeling lost and confused about my life’s purpose – how can I tune in?
– Why do animals “speak” to me?
– I want to be in the allowing mode 99 percent of the time.
– I want to understand the interconnectedness between physical and non-physical.
– What about the murderers?
– I feel like I “think’ while meditating.
– Great awakening – learned not to pick a fight with myself.
– Feel the best feeling or be the best version of myself?
– Is my vibration a part of what is happening to my pets?
– Are all other universes our creations?
– How not to alienate my very religious family and improve on their limiting beliefs?
– Should I trust my instinct to move?
– What does Esther experience while speaking for Abraham?
– Should my daughter continue with a horse with whom she has experienced negative momentum?
– Do I have to change my belief first or my expectation first?
– How to deactivate feeling tired?
– Why do we want to manifest?
– My vibrations are up and down after my breakup.
– I’m good at my job, but not as confident in my relationships.
– How would you guide us to self-realization?