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3/1/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Negative emotion as seeds to grow into positive emotions?
– Want to find balance between loving the new things and the old ones.
– Why would we choose our parents when they usually push their own agendas on to us?
– Gifts from the Universe - let the variety inspire you.
– A fresh perspective of an old friend?
– Was diagnosed with A.D.D. – should I continue my medication?
– Degree of connection to Source?
– Are we God?
– Relationship between Human evidence and Source/infinite intelligence.
– How does my Inner Being see the situation in Europe?
– Wondering if my professional success can continue?
– Why do cats purr?
– Abraham - Where do your words stop and mine start?
– I’ve spent a lot of my life wondering what’s wrong with me.
– Clarifications happen in between broadcasts?
– How did I attract being arrested after a spiritual retreat?
– Manifested living in Hawaii – but now what?
– I’ve discovered life is boring without contrast.
– How can I stay in my job and deactivate sexism?
– I’ve been on the cusp of winning the lottery for many years.
– Feel social anxiety when I’m put on the spot.
– When to inactivate something and when to wait for inspiration?
– I’m desperate to move, but need to make more money.
– How can I do my job well without being called to the lower half of the scale.
– Revisiting thinking in the direction of where you want to be.