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1/15/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– How can I achieve freedom, bliss, satisfaction, and material things in this lifetime?
– How can I align with slender and healthy body?
– I want to move, but I don’t do it because of lack of income.
– How to get out of a place of feeling stuck and like nothing changes?
– Clarifying difference between putting a happy face sticker on something or using the inactive box.
– I live in a dark, gray, cold place – how do I deactivate the feeling around a cold climate?
– I’m afraid I will be punished in this life or the afterlife.
– A deeper conversation about desire, belief, and attraction.
– Love interest at work - am I making it up?
– How to make decisions as a couple when we have different opinions?
– How do I stay out of my own way?
– What does Abraham have to say about vulnerability?
– How can I use more of the mixture of physical/non-physical?
– Clarity regarding Source vs. Abraham vs. my Inner Being?
– Are my old patterns in the way?
– Clarity and practicing using the Inactive Box.
– How do I decouple my emotional reactions as I take (legal in nature) actions in real life?
– Potty training question.
– The health of my kids – path of least resistance?
– Looking at contrast differently.
– How to step into the role of channeling?
– Want to manifest a better marriage and a baby.
– I don’t feel I fit in with the gender I’ve been assigned.
– What can I do to stop waking up and thinking negative thoughts?
– What can I do to achieve my goals and inspire other people?