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6/25/2022 Abraham NOW

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– What is God’s relationship with humans and what happens after death?
– What are my night terrors about?
– Want to divorce, but want to do the right thing for our child.
– I don’t need conditions to change.
– Why don’t I remember certain things?
– How can I learn to enjoy flying?
– At what point does our decreasing worry help lost things appear?
– Love and support in a partnership without losing your own connection?
– Being productive with Law of Attraction?
– Abraham, please speak about “I am that”.
– Is there a love frequency?
– When I write things down, it feels done.
– How to not have a knee-jerk reaction?How can we re-write limiting beliefs?
– Justification - Why does it feel good to be right?
– My contrast feels like it affects my daughter, too.
– Making a big deal of things we resonate with.
– Any advice for me and my mother during her transition?
– Is a lottery a co-creation between numbers and winner?
– How to let go of my expectations and fear?
– I tell myself lies about the future and what’s possible.
– Marrying the topics of spirituality and wealth?
– Trying to meditate, but feels like I’m blocking wellness.
– I have manifested a wonderful life, but have a problem loving myself.