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5/14/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Calibration to maintain our physical bodies?
– Can my positive expectations shift to other subjects?
– How can I make my awareness of my alignment more of a game?
– How to change the fear-based relationship I have with my body?
– Need a tool for coming out of a dark space.
– What topics are we now ready to hear?
– Why can’t Abraham heal?
– Am I on the other side of the Inactive Box Process?
– Can I think about attracting more money without sparking negative beliefs?
– How do we keep the feeling of calibration with nature once we get home?
– Getting clear about not picking a battle with yourself.
– Old vibrations affecting current relationships?
– The benefits of “looking forward.”
– By the end of the day my momentum has slowed.
– Advice not to pick up fights with my own kids?
– Needing attention from others and also from myself?
– How to prioritize better and find out what’s important?
– Everyday can feel like a vacation when you’re in alignment.
– Questions about imagery during meditation.
– I struggle with public speaking, but don’t want to leave my career.
– A pattern in my life of feeling unappreciated?
– The death experience from Abraham’s perspective.
– You can’t take it with you when you die?
– Unravelling feeling unsafe in my dreams.
– Does the Inactive Box create a pivot point for us to shift emotional gears?
– Vantage point of our Inner Beings?
– A rampage about how Source sees humans?