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ONLINE AUDIO Recordings from August 13, 2022 in Chicago, IL

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Law of Attraction Workshop!

Chicago, IL
August 13, 2022

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Topics Include:

Session 1

1. Abraham-Hicks Publications 8/13/22
2. The happy group welcomes Esther.
3. Abraham's opening words.
4. He wants more ease and alignment.
5. The allowing process.
6. Why cling to what you don't want?
7. The determination to be right.
8. The render-inactive process. 
9. What's keeping him from prosperity?
10. Dabbling in lower emotions?
11. 13-year-old daughter's worldview.

Session 2

1. Abraham-Hicks Publications 8/13/22
2. Stand in your solid knowing of well-being.
3. She got in the hot seat.
4. Past, parallel and future lives.
5. Inaccurate conclusions about kids.
6. Clarifying the definition of "psychic".
7. Why do we forget?
8. Moving beyond a recent relationship.
9. He wants fame and recognition.
10. Be right or feel good?

Session 3

1. Abraham-Hicks Publications 8/13/22
2. Some aspects of his ADHD diagnosis.
3. Seeing others as cooperative components.
4. She felt her way into alignment.
5. It's never going to be done.
6. Why you wanted contrast.
7. Reactions to a croaking.
8. Abraham's closing words.