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9/19/2020 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— I need assistance in changing my neighbor situation.
— Should I share my fears and faults?
— I feel frustrated when people close to me won’t take responsibility.
— Where is contentment on the Emotional Guidance Scale?
— I move up the Emotional Scale and then something happens.
— Someone pushed a button I didn’t know I had.
— When I feel joyful I sometimes look for things to be sad about.
— My new high is not is not as real for me as my lower vibrational emotion.
— Subject vs. Emotion.
— How to identify and move from boredom and contentment.
— Speaking my truth without fear of not being liked.
— Am I receiving more prosperity because of less resistance?
— Why does culture or religion sometimes take precedent over alignment?
— Should we stop desiring things that are not happening for us?
— Is it possible to feel when the desire is going to manifest?
— Is it ok for me to feel happy when others are suffering?
— Why do the birds sing?
— What’s my deal with death?
— What has a stronger vibration - assuming or assumption? Expecting or expectation?
— I want to help my mate stop “fighting” for what he wants. (Practice on moving up the Emotional Guidance Scale).
— Is deliberate creation considered assertion?
— What is our role in society?
— The value of calibrating.
— Every experience has within it that which is wanted and lack of it.
— I feel that I have no value.
— My home is in between two major fires.