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10/1/2022 Abraham NOW

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 Topics Include:

– How do our hands translate energy?
– Should I cut back on spending/wanting?
– Are there vibrational conditions ready for us in our Vortex?
– I’ve been in alignment, but still attracted something negative.
– I’m in a better place during and after the broadcasts, but it fades a few days after.
– Starting fresh/craving newness.
– Are we too problem-oriented?
– Assigning problems to our age/Shifting expectations?
– Communicated with departed loved one and they seemed sad.
– Looking for the feeling place of detachment in meditation.
– Abraham defines: Consciousness, Energy, Mind, Life Force, Love, Awareness, Feeling.
– Why am I more considerate of others when I’m on the upper half of the Emotional Scale?
– My new girlfriend is jealous of my past relationship.
– Abraham’s take on stories and harnessing them in creation.
– Accessing super consciousness?
– The feeling of “home”.
– Is it as simple as finding things in our now that make us happy?
– Money feels tied to “effort-ing” to me.
– How to increase my desire?
– Is the entire universe a projection of our thoughts?
– Inspired action/winning the lottery.
– Best way to take in upsetting news without altering our vibration?
– Want to get the notion I’m not good enough out of my head.
– Is some of our physical reality old news?
– Hyperactive imagination during meditation - Is this me thinking or receiving?
– Do we not “get” it until we “give” it?
– Fundamentals of a successful business?
– The other side of contrast?
– Being on the Leading Edge of the Leading Edge?
– How to deal with overly dependent people?