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1/20/2024 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Increasing the velocity of our energy to match our Inner Being?
– Does my Inner Being know it all?
– How to help my boyfriend be less resistant about money?
– How to connect with my guide?
– Want to build a relationship with my children.
– I still have the same dream.
– Still want to manifest a partner.
– Writing my desires on my side of the placemat - how does it help?
– Employment and releasing resistance.
– Recurring kidney stone issue.
– Best way to use my focus during the course of the day?
– Clarity on decluttering.
– Expectations - Trusting the timing of things?
– I want to live without background tangents.
– I see bright light during meditation.
– Doing things for me.
– How to improve my relationship with my husband?
– I’m having difficulty seeing my situation as neutral.
– Trouble with studying.
– How much love does my Inner Being have for me?
– I want to be a more powerful manifestor.
– Gender dysphoria and the Emotional Guidance Scale?
– I have attracted a stingy partner.