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4/23/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Abraham’s process of selecting questions.
– Expectations around food and my body.
– What to do when I feel edgy/fearful?
– How to enjoy a very busy life more consistently?
– I always want to relate to people where they are, but also recognize their potential.
– Intentionally leaving our thoughts in a better place.
– After using the Deactivation Box, I’m now giving the Creation Box new life.
– My reality doesn’t match what I want, but I choose to keep believing.
– How to resolve conflict in my relationship?
– How to help my adult son with anxiety?
– Can you have a good outcome with a bad expectations?
– Are all love songs about connection?
– Is there a distinction between Esther’s Inner Being and Abraham?
– Back and leg pain disrupting my sleep.
– I’m not coping well with newborn responsibilities.
– My family of origin made me the person I am, but now what?
– I want to be a loving being and want to ride this feeling.
– Suggestions on what to do when I feel stuck throughout the day?
– How to manage my PMS and stay in the Vortex most of the time?
– Where are we in the NOW?
– Did my impulse come from my Inner Being or something else?
– Did my old kitten go into a new body to interact with me?
– Does it just take a little effort on our part?
– I love to work alone, but also crave being around other powerful energy.
– Wondering about these intense feelings of happiness?
– How not to interfere with calibration process of the children?
– I don’t see a movie playing in my mind during meditation?
– Want to find a better feeling place about selling a house with my ex.
– Don’t want to divorce, but……
– Do we close to gap as we become more evolved?