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11/7/2020 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics include:

— Am I reaching too high?
— When something is logical what does that mean?
— Company success is not in my bank account.
— Making decisions from an inspired place.
— Post-manifestational awareness?
— Best way to create a vision board?
— Can you give us a better word than croak?
— Do chakras really exist in the human body?
— Clearing clutter for clarity.
— What are the Akashic records?
— Does extraterrestrial life exist?
— How can I share my example of joy without seeming not empathetic?
— The better it gets, the better it gets.
— How to handle feeling indecisive?
— My adult daughter expects me to take care of her.
— I’m scared to be disappointed.
— How can we better have a conversation with our inner being?
— When kids do so something wrong, how can we be good parents?
— Are there many different futures?
— Where does gratitude fall on the Emotional Scale?
— Thoughts about us being God?