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2/5/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– When my boyfriend doesn’t use an Inactive Box?
– Does my alignment benefit the greater good?
– Working with the Inactive Box sometimes stirs up negative for me.
– Is lower half of the scale energy the same as energy that creates worlds?
– Would my Inner Being ever shame me into alignment or understanding?
– How to stay aligned for a loved one when they received a negative medical diagnosis?
– Is it ok my favorite things to do are solo?
– Teacher wants to redirect a parent to seeing their child more positively.
– Can another’s answers be right for me?
– I have dreams that worry me.
– What does my Autism mean for my expansion?
– Does our Inner Being serve as a ballast?
– Releasing shortage consciousness and allowing prosperity consciousness.
– I’m numb to the world around me.
– Are vitamins and fasting beneficial?
– If we leave all resistant thoughts behind when we die, how do they continue to exist?
– How can I use the Inactive Box when I have strong negative momentum?
– What is it about the smile that makes a difference?
– How to stay in my preferred vibrational range?