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12/11/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Understanding and practicing pure, resistant-free desire for prosperity.
– Divine cooperation?
– How do we know all is well?
– Should we be generally happy to allow good things?
– What shifts do I need to make to attract a soul mate?
– Anything I can do to ease the drought?
– How can we increase our realization of the non-physical?
– How to help my daughter be less high-maintenance?
– A conversation about inner silence.
– Can’t let go of the idea I was meant to have a child.
– How can I help people feel amazing in their bodies?
– Does my Inner Being want me to accept some things are unchangeable?
– Can I improve the way I am approaching my goal?
– I feel the need to be available and responsive professionally all the time.
– What are negative emotions if there is no source of negative energy?
– More clarification on waiting for the other shoe to drop.
– How to help others and stay in alignment?
– Should I try more vibrational communication with my co-workers?
– Do my cells hear my vibration?
– Sometimes I don’t know where negative emotion comes from.
– What is the difference between a premonition and a manifestation?
– Abraham breaks down the word and concept of a budget.
– Premonition dreams.
– Letting go of people from our past.
– Want to find out who I really am.
– Looking for a bright and exhilarating relationship.
– Are the agreements we make regarding holidays and spirit of good cheer a type of trending?
– I have two opportunities to choose from.
– Are we creating a new vocabulary or language?
– Why am I here and how can I tap into ancient wisdom?
– How to clear email clutter for clarity.
– Best thoughts about my son getting married.