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4/2/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Curious about my sleeping patterns?
– Want to open myself more to wealth coming with ease instead of effort.
– Is my only job to stay in my own Vortex?
– Is the gap smaller when we are in a place of appreciation vs. despair?
– How does my joy bless others who are suffering?
– Struggling to find the right words for my Inactive box cards.
– How am I letting good stuff in without thinking about it?
– Can I be in alignment and notice physical pain at the same time?
– First date advice?
– I’m having a growth spurt in my career, parenting and marriage – how do I align?
– Difference between memory and knowledge?
– Experiencing back problems even after doing the recommended exercises.
– What does Abraham have to say about music and alignment?
– Housemates I do like are moving out because of housemate I don’t like.
– Law of Attraction and the concept of structure.
– Positive aspects of changing your mind?
– Has Abraham’s perspective on decision-making evolved?
– The power in giving up.
– How do you deal with dark side of life?
– Why are some things easier than others to manifest?
– Understanding rejection.
– Meditation process sometimes makes me feel negative sensations.
– How does nostalgia fit on the Emotional Scale?
– I feel like I’m in a place of inactivity. Is there more I can be doing?
– Quantum entanglement?
– Is water the only thing we need to maintain our well-being?
– Are we supposed to fulfill a certain purpose?
– My future and finance is not guaranteed so I have anxiety and fear.