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6/5/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– My life feels like it is in a holding pattern.
– In my excitement, I rush things.
– How to get out of a tight spot?
– How to interpret signs?
– I feel good in the morning, but then…
– Focus Wheel for my happy, well-taken care of mother.
– Step one moment has reactivated my strong desire.
– A conversation about time, perception, and tuning to your broader perspective.
– Relationships in person vs. texting.
– I have monstrous dreams, but water them down when talking to friends.
– Scared I will bring my old attitude to my new job.
– Abraham, what is your definition of love?
– I’ve always been a complainer for 40 years, how long does it take to change my focus?
– How does one stay in the vibration of peace/calm when someone close to you is volatile/aggressive?
– The definition of forgiveness.
– My Inner Being and its role in my evolution?
– How to forgive infidelity and build trust again?
– What the quickest, gentlest way to bring ourselves up to joy after the loss of a friend?
– Feeling scattered energetically and like I need to figure things out and choose.
– Feel stuck on the subjects of meditation, my business, having a child.
– Trouble relaxing when I think about my financial security.
– My spouse is trying to control every moment of my life.
– Do we overlap with realities?
– What happens to our Vortex after we die?
– What is pulling me back to my family house?
– Why am I still having trouble liking myself?
– Are the messages in my head intuition or ideas I’m holding onto?
– Are men and women hardwired differently?
– I’m beginning to trust my Inner Being.
– Why do our pets come to live with us if they want freedom?
– Is the Universe giving us fun signs?
– How can I best follow my bliss?