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4/16/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Milking the Deactivation Process.
– If we hear from entities, does it mean they are not reincarnated yet?
– When I feel at one with everything and everyone, what’s coming next?
– Don’t want to be stuck in the past, but sometimes want things to be the way they used to be.
– Using divination to make decisions?
– Child is having odd dreams.
– Mother sent me a sign.
– In some areas of my life I find more that inspires me than others.
– Momentum must slow down before the direction can change.
– Is time more pliable than we think?
– Not affected by negative experience of others – and I feel a little guilty about that.
– How do I know difference between coming from Source or just my brain?
– Vibrational reality: a new version of ourselves in the Vortex?
– Doing things for the pleasure vs. an ulterior motive?
– Just can’t seem to achieve weight loss.
– Abraham’s perspective of inertia.
– How to respond when my child is having a tantrum?
– How can I change my thoughts to be more positive faster?
– The future of humanity?
– What do we bring from the Vortex?
– What can I tune-up?
– Understanding the feeling of “specialness” attached to our job/actions.
– Is there any value in focusing on step one moments?
– How does my Inner Being see my alcoholic husband?
– I want to be with my boyfriend who broke up with me.
– Life as a school or a playground?
– Is our physical universe expanding?
– What is love?