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11/14/2020 Abraham NOW Replay

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 Topics Include:

— What am I doing working in a hospital?
— If there is no separation between any of us?
— Abraham communicates with many levels of you.
— Your inner being is focused upon you at all times.
— Let the laws of the universe work for you and with you.
— I’m growing weary of overcoming financial challenges.
— Upon awakening, do we have a window of opportunity?
— Want to clean up my vibration about my husband.
— Make a decision and then line up with it.
— We want you to be aware of what your emotions are.
— Our beautiful child often feels misunderstood.
— It doesn’t matter who was angry first or why.
— Does momentum carry over to my different projects or desires?
— Best way to stay in downstream mode?
— How to work with a pessimistic teammate?
— What does budgeting look like Abraham-style?
— I lack clarity on my job, marriage, and finances.
— What exactly is a vibrational tuner?
— How do I find my own path after raising my children?
— Married someone 10 years ago who had qualities I thought I wanted.
— What is my job as a parent to teenagers?
— Why do I choose to lie to myself?