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10/31/2020 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— How can a lost old soul find himself?
— Is there a process to remember who we are?
— Why do I lie to myself about my own situations and feelings?
— How can I feel worthy if I don’t know how it feels?
— How can I help my 15 year old?
— My son hates me and I miss him.
— Is my inner being inside me our out in the universe somewhere?
— New understanding of the human mind.
— How do I let go of wanting to be the best?
— What is pushing against?
— Any benefit to venting?
— Tips to deal with eating disorder?
— Clearing clutter for clarity.
— Should I throw away expectations?
— I want to leave the room away from my partner.
— Life, death, and karma questions.
— Your inner being adores you.
— How do I deal with big subjects?
— I often feel a tension in my throat.
— Can I love someone into aligning with their inner being?
— What should I do to ease my feeling of financial worry?
— Do I need to soften my energy?
— Emotional Scale help when thinking about the election.