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9/17/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Followed inspired action, but then hit resistance.
– Are decisions from the lower half of the emotional scale bad?
– How can I practice a new belief?
– Is it ever too late to manifest something?
– Why didn’t I have the courage to ask for a date?
– I want to move faster in the stream!
– Am I not pre-paving enough when I have issues with my friendships or meetings?
– How can I have more confidence when communicating?
– Looking at our past through the eyes of Source Energy.
– I love my art, but it isn’t selling.
– Is staying or leaving my marriage the path of least of resistance?
– Why do we get hooked on certain things?
– When we stay in one place, do we become narrow minded?
– Calibrating to good/bad behavior?
– Why do we feel guilty for letting in our desires?
– Reiki, conventional prayer, meditation for healing?
– Realized that my feeling good is the most important thing!
– How to stay aligned when I’m caught off guard by negative energy/people.
– Negative things in the Vortex created by me?
– Bipolar has been my journey.
– How does Source Energy relate to DNA?
– Insight into stressful dreams?
– How to navigate moods when my partner and I spend 24/7 together?
– Absence vs. presence of desires?
– How to see a characteristic in another that is not apparent?
– How to stop my racing thoughts?
– The “wouldn’t it be nice if” process.
– My contribution to the world?
– I want to help my animal have a peaceful transition.
– When do I speak up and when is it good to be quiet?
– Not sure why I never launched my business.
– Is saying no to something pushing against?
– My life is good in every area except with my son.