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4/9/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Finding out where you are on the Emotional Scale.
– Will we experience less contrast and more freedom and diversity in the future?
– I’m extending my time on the upper half of the Emotional Scale!
– Do we need courage or is it better to wait for impulses for next steps?
– The balancing act of managing healthcare for a pet?
– Does good comedy require going back to painful moments?
– I hear energy, but at times it is too much.
– When do you know it’s time to move on?
– How long does it take for momentum to slow?
– How to activate the thoughts I want after meditation?
– What is the perspective of the ladybug in our interaction?
– Expectations and “dropping in” – how to improve?
– Let the good thoughts in and don’t invite the negative ones.
– Advice for someone who is strongly disallowing or has conflicting beliefs?
– Why do I keep losing my job?
– Energetic charge in my heart and head at the same time – what does that mean?
– Tipping point for alignment?
– Meditation feels like I’m in a room full of people.
– Questions about physical beauty and insecurity.
– How to best train puppies?
– Discussing expectations and vibration/dimension.
– When I put it in my deactivation box, I think about it more
– Only stay in the Vortex when I’m on my own.
– Not sure if ending my relationship was the right decision.
– Tips for continuing the creative process?
– The distinction between human mind and anatomical brain?
– I feel like I’m not getting into the receiving mode during meditation.
– Giving up and seeing through the eyes of Source.