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1/29/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Do we remember who we were when we were physical once we are non-physical?
– Suggestions on the best way to deactivate what I don’t want and activate what I do want.
– Doing my Inactive Box work more and other processes less.
– Sometimes I don’t want to connect/respond to people.
– Preciseness of timing and sloppiness of emotions.
– I want to know that I’m doing good.
– Is contrast showing up to keep us expanding?
– How do I achieve success and have inner satisfaction?
– Do we plan our incarnations?
– My daughter is disrespectful when she is in crisis.
– I gained a lot of weight during the pandemic.
– Want to deactivate the feeling of creating with realistic expectations.
– Is resistance at the core of human nature?
– How does the Universe deliver for us?
– Understanding meditation experiences.
– What is the purpose of education?
– Best way to create educational content?
– I lost money, but I felt good while I was doing it.
– How to diffuse the feeling of injustice?
– How to get someone to change?
– What is my divine purpose?
– Is anything random?
– Why do I get a burning feeling in my head when listening to Abraham?
– Want more enjoyable job while making peace with where I am.
– Married to love of my life, but I don’t enjoy moving around to be with him.
– What is being on life support?
– Catching myself upon thinking negatively.
– Best way to squash internal doubt?
– How to stop creating debt?