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11/1/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Trying to trust my guidance system.
– Solution end of stick or other end?
– Excitement in the unknown?
– Do I need to get more specific to allow what’s in my Vortex into my personal experience?
– Are the things we want new creations?
– Contrast, expansion, and clarity from negative emotion.
– Are our eyes portals for non-physical?
– How accurate are the signs I’m receiving?
– How to stay genuine to our feelings?
– Is there a consciousness to crystals?
– Is my role to set the tone for my dogs?
– Does my recurring dream mean I’m ready to transform?
– Is there such thing as addiction to alignment?
– Is it possible a desire won’t be fulfilled because our inner being knows it’s not good for us on some level?
– The physical form of what’s next?
– How to stop negative thought patterns in my life?
– Excitement starting to feel like impatience.
– Choosing a relationship when both feel right.
– Why does strong momentum/more specificity attract resistance?
– How to trust ourselves to get where we want to be?
– I have a very strong “pick me” vibe.
– Best setpoint to create new music ?
– Abraham’s thoughts on vibrational attention.
– What can we do to help the world?
– How to broaden communication with my inner being?
– Ignore bad and just focus on the good feeling?
– Falling in love with this moment?